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Our Solutions

We are currently working with customers through our suite of services in support of rapid design iterations. In 2024 we will launch FusionAI, a full product suite that will enable full fusion power plants to be designed and costed, as part of this offering we will be integrated with Nvidia Omniverse and systems-based engineering models for hazards analysis.


We are pleased to present a comprehensive proposal outlining the services and solutions that nTtau Digital LTD can provide to your fusion energy company now. Our expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge simulation tools to assist in various aspects of fusion energy research and development. All of our technology is underpinned with essential services such as cloud instance management, workflow automation tools and information management systems

Simulation Standup

Our team of experts will assist in the setup and instantiation of simulation tools specific to fusion energy. This includes the configuration of complex software packages, optimization of parameters, and performance tuning. By having these tools readily available, your team can conduct simulations and experiments more effectively, leading to quicker insights and results.

Bioshield Modelling

Our experts will work closely with your researchers to develop sophisticated bioshield models for radiation protection. This includes performing complex neutronics calculations to ensure the safety and integrity of fusion energy facilities. These models will assist in designing effective shielding solutions and complying with safety regulations.

Building Model Development

Accurate building models are crucial for assessing the feasibility and safety of fusion energy systems. nTtau Digital LTD will collaborate with your team to develop detailed building models, including Bills of Materials (BOM), enabling comprehensive cost analysis and informed decision-making

Connect with us

Through our comprehensive suite of services, ranging from cloud instance management to bioshield modeling, we aim to enhance your capabilities, streamline your processes, and accelerate your journey towards achieving sustainable and efficient fusion energy solutions. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to your success in shaping the future of energy generation.


Please feel free to reach out to us for further discussions, clarifications, and to customize our services to align perfectly with your unique requirements.

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